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Our Philosophy

Learning mathematics takes guidance and discipline. There is no such thing is a "math person" or "non-math person." These false notions are easily quashed with the correct approach. Mathematics does not have to be difficult, but it does take a daily practice of precision and rigorous methods. It is not like dunking a basketball, which requires an abnormal level of physical ability. Mathematics, on the other hand, may be done by anyone, and to varying degrees depending on the level of commitment. All you need is an open mind, the willingness to put in the work, and a healthy sense of self-confidence. These rewards transfer into many other aspects of life. What I have discovered most from studying mathematics is that when we are finally able to breach that self-inflicted threshold that barricades our true potential, we realize that what binds us is often imaginary.


Brian M. Woody has over 205years of experience as a professional mathematician and is the founder of Woody Calculus Consulting & Associates. He specializes in upper-level post-secondary mathematics education. He also offers a broad range of other math, science, and education related consulting services. These include private mathematics instruction, energy and water conservation, renewable energy and biofuels, ballistics and trajectories, mathematical modeling and multi-variable data analysis, quality control for the gaming industry, as well as Distributed Ledger and Blockchain Technology.

Woody has been published in the areas of chaos theory, wind and coal-fired power generation, atmospheric physics, environmental mercury exposure, energy and water efficiency, fractal dimensional spaces, and mathematics education. 

Other areas of expertise include  power infrastructure, dynamic systems, climate modeling, weather prediction, contemporary abstract algebra, real analysis, differential equations, field theory, Galois theory, Laplace transforms, and number theory. Brian M. Woody is also the creator of the mathematics education systems ORCR and KALM - Object Recognition and Conditional Response and the Kinetic Approach to Learning Mathematics. 

Woody is a qualified expert witness in the fields of his various expertise and is registered with Thompson Reuters Expert Witness Services, and The Expert Institute. He also enjoys working part-time at Juice Box Yoga in Reno, Nevada, teaching Hot Pilates High Intensity Interval Training.